Goals 2023-2024 School Year

  • District Goals- 2023/2024

    District Goal #1- Improve communication to the board of education and to parents.

    Major Activities

    Create a staff survey to gather relevant feedback.

    Create a parent survey to gather feedback.

    Establish regular board committee meetings.

    Develop a comprehensive communication plan for parents.

    Enhance transparency through regular district-wide updates.

    Establish regular dialogue sessions between the board of education and parents.

    District Goal #2- Align vision for the district with a focus on faster execution of goals.

    Conduct a vision alignment workshop meeting within a board committee setting or other relevant meeting, including the possibility of a special meeting.

    Develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

    Streamline decision-making processes.

    Establish and monitor performance indicators.

    District Goal #3- Improve academic results.

    Develop and implement a comprehensive data tracking system to monitor student progress and identify areas of improvement.

    Provide ongoing, high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers and instructional staff, specifically in tested areas of ELA and Math.

    Review and revise the curriculum to align with state standards and best practices, and ensure differentiated instruction for diverse learners.

    Foster strong partnerships with families and the community, involving them in the educational process and creating a supportive learning environment.

    Address special education procedures and philosophy to ensure compliance and move to best practices.