Rockaway Borough Board of Education

    Communications Protocol & Contact Methods/Information


    Community members always have the opportunity to verbally comment to the Board at its monthly meetings. 

    Public comment is welcome at the end of the meeting, please see current agenda for specifics. (See "Agendas" tab on this website.)


    Communities members are always welcome to send any written comments to the Board through its Board Secretary, Mr. William Stepka,

    via regular mail to:

    Rockaway Borough Board of Education, 95 East Main Street, Rockaway, NJ 07866, Att:  Mr. William Stepka, Board Secretary

    or via e-mail to: 

    wstepka@rockboro.org - Mr. William Stepka, Board Secretary

    or via fax: 

    973-625-7355 also addressed to Mr. Stepka, Board Secretary. 

    Once received by the Board Secretary, the Board will receive it at their next regularly scheduled Public Meeting (see "Annual Meeting Schedule" tab on this website)  

    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Stepka at: 973-625-8600, ext. 106 during normal business days.   


    Parents should address their questions/concerns first to the teacher.  If it is a building level/department issue or no resolution occurred by going to the teacher, the building principal or supervisor must be contacted.

    If there is a district-level issue or no resolution occurred by going to the building principal or supervisor, the Superintendent may be contacted.  


    Staff members must follow the chain of command within the school system and address their concerns to their immediate supervisor first.

    OPRA Request Form- UPDATED