Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying Information

  • Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Information

    If you are aware of any incidences of harassment, intimidation, or bullying in our district, please print and complete our HIB Incident Report Form and contact the appropriate Anti-Bullying Specialist below. When you have completed the form, please mail, email, or fax it to our Anti-Bullying Specialist, Ms. Bryanna Dennison, if it is a Thomas Jefferson School incident, and to our Anti-Bullying Specialist, Ms. Brianna Luongo if it is a Lincoln School incident. 

    To assist with anonymous reporting, a Bully Box is located in the front hallway of each district school building, both Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, where students, parents, and community members can report issues of concern in writing. 


    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Ms. Milissa Dachisen
    Principal, Lincoln Elementary School 
    37 Keller Ave.
    Rockaway, NJ 07866


    Thomas Jefferson School Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Ms. Bryanna Dennison
    Guidance Counselor
    973-625-8603 ext. 331
    95 East Main Street
    Rockaway, NJ 07866


    Lincoln School Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Ms. Brianna Luongo
    Guidance Counselor
    973-625-8602 ext. 205
    37 Keller Avenue
    Rockaway, NJ 07866



    Additional information and training resources regarding Harassment, Bullying and Intimidation as well the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights for school personnel and parents can be accessed through the following link:





    HIB Incident Report Form

    Policy 5512 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policies


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