Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Ms. Alexa Barbone



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Alexa Barbone

School Counselor of Thomas Jefferson Middle School



    4/30/2018 - Thomas Jefferson Middle School will be celebrating World Autism Month! All students & staff will WEAR BLUE in support and understanding for people with Autism.


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    Kindness Week 2018


    March 12th: Brighten someone’s day; wear YELLOW & a smile!

    March 13th: Water spreads like kindness; wear BLUE!

    March 14th:  Stop the bullying, be kind to others; wear RED!

    March 15th: Spread love and kindness; wear PINK!

    March 16th: Show kindness to everyone in our RAMS community; wear our SCHOOL COLORS!

  • The Week of Respect 2017

    October 2nd - 6th


    The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L.210,c122) requires that the first week in October be designated as the “Week of Respect” in NJ. School Districts are required to recognize the importance of Character Education by providing age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing harassment, intimidation, and bullying. In accordance with this law, Thomas Jefferson Middle School provided the following activities.


    Monday - 10/2/2017: World Day of Bullying Prevention - WEAR BLUE

    Tuesday - 10/3/2017: “Follow your Dreams” - WEAR PAJAMAS

    Wednesday - 10/4/2017: “Being a Good Friend is No Sweat” - WEAR SWEATS

    Thursday - 10/5/2017: “Respect Differences in Others” - WEAR MISMATCHED CLOTHES

    Friday - 10/6/2017: “Respect our School, Students, Staff and Community“ - WEAR SCHOOL COLORS




    During each art class, students will be taking pictures and creating a hashtag (#) that best describes themselves. Each selfie, along with the hashtag will be used to create a bulletin board in the hallway displayed to promote respect for all students.


    GO BLUE! 
    Blue Shirt Day® World Day of
    Bullying Prevention™


    The first Monday of each October is Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention™ which signifies the importance of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month each October.



    Camfel Productions

    3-screen assembly program designed to erase the insecurities and fears students face daily, replacing them with an understanding of their true potential and the desire and motivation to be the best they can be in whatever circumstances they face. 


    Students signed the “RAMS” pledge to Respect Self & Others, Achieve Excellence, Make Good Choices and Stay Safe. 


    Students watched an anti-bullying video during homeroom that focused on making good choices and positive behavior.


     **Morning announces were provided each day throughout this week, providing positive character education messages focusing specifically to respect.**


  • Violence Awareness Week 2017

    October 16th - 20th


    Violence Awareness Week is a New Jersey Department of Education required week that schools across the state participate in. Thomas Jefferson Middle school will take part in the following activities in support of Violence Awareness Week.


    Students showed their support by signing the "Take a Stand Against Violence” board outside of Ms. Barbone’s office promoting a positive school climate where violence is not accepted. 


     Rockaway Borough Police Officer Christopher Richardson visited grade level lunches to discuss the importance of making good choices, preventing violent behavior and staying safe.


    Students watched a motivational video clip relating to positive behavior and school climate. Students and staff will be given heart stickers to spread love throughout our school instead of hate/violence.

Students brought together wearing hearts in support of Violence Awareness Week.