• Rockaway Borough Home & School Association


    Revised March 2011

    Membership voted approval on March 2, 2011


    Article I:           NAME:


    A. The name of this organization is Rockaway Borough Home & School Association. 


    Article II:          OBJECTIVES:


    Our Home and School Association, as the name suggests, is an organization comprised of parents and teachers working together.  We try to provide some extras for our students that cannot be met through the regular school budget.


    Article III:         POLICY:


    A.   This organization shall be nonprofit.


    B.   Neither the name of this association, the names of its officers, members and neither their families nor its files may be used for purposes other than those pertaining directly to the association.


    C.   Any fundraising project must be brought before the general membership for approval.


    D.   All requests for funds must be presented in writing on a mini-grant form and given to the Executive Board prior to the monthly meeting.  These requests will be presented and discussed at said meeting and held for a vote at the following meeting. 


    E.   If necessary, this rule can be waived by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board.


    F.   Expenditures of under $100 for usual and customary expenses associated with the day to day running of the organization may be made by the Executive Board without a vote of the general membership but noted on the treasurer’s report at the next meeting following.



    Article IV:        MEMBERSHIP:


    A.   Membership shall be open to parents, teachers, and administrators of Rockaway Borough Public Schools.


    B.   Eligibility for membership shall require the payment of dues by November 15.


    Article V:          MEETINGS::


    A.   Meetings will be held monthly at 7:30pm from September to June unless announced previously.


    B.   Executive Committee meetings will be held whenever necessary at the discretion of the Co-Presidents.


    Article VI:        OFFICERS:


    A.   The officers of the Association are the Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary.


    B.   The officers will be elected for a period of one year.


    C.   Officers are required to attend at least three-quarters of both the General and Executive Board meetings.


    D.   Officers are required to submit a written notice of resignation to the Executive Board at least one month prior to the effective date of resignation.




    A.   Nominations by the general membership will be accepted from the floor each year at the April meeting.


    B.   Nominees must be paid-up members in good standing and must have shown active participation in the association; a willingness to work for the continued best interests of the association is necessary.  This rule can be waived by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board.


    C.   The nominees for the office of the Co-Presidents will run as a team.




    A.   The election will be held yearly at the May meeting.


    B.   Additional nominations will be accepted at the May general meeting.


    C.   Voting will be by secret ballot. The secret ballot may be waived if there is only one nomination for a position.


    D.   A majority vote of the general membership present shall constitute a valid Election.


    E.   An unbiased party shall act as talliers the night of the election and report the results to the membership.


    F.   The duties of the office shall be assumed at the close of the May meeting with a transitional board in place at the June meeting.  Exiting board members must be ready to release and turn over all pertinent information to new board members at the conclusion of the May meeting.  All positions have term limits of no longer than 2 years in any one office.  This may be waived if there are no nominations for a particular office by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board after a thorough search for new candidates.


    G.   When a vacancy occurs in an elective office, the Co-Presidents shall appoint a member in good standing to fill the unexpired term.  The appointment shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Board.


     Article IX:       DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS:


    A.   Co-Presidents

                            1.   Will preside at all meetings of the General Membership and Executive Board;

    2.   Will be ex-officio member of all committees;

    3.   Will solicit committee chair people;

                4.   Will be custodian of properties not otherwise designated to committee chair people;

                5. Will act as hostess/host to speakers and panelists to the membership at meetings.


                            B.   Treasurer

    1.   Will be responsible for receipts and deposits of Association Revenues in a designated band and will make all disbursements;

    2.   Will keep a strict account of dues;

    3.   Will submit a report of accounts at any meetings at the request of the Co-Presidents;

    4.   Will make all disbursements by check upon receipt of bills and be sure that all current bills are presented and paid;

    5.   Will see that books are available for audit if deemed necessary at the close of the fiscal year;

    6.   Will work together with the Recording Secretary to file all necessary paperwork, and payment of fees in accordance to the State of NJ and the IRS.


    C.   Corresponding Secretary

    1.  Will attend to all matters of correspondence as directed by the Co-Presidents;

    2.   Will maintain a file of all association correspondence and will be the custodian of all stationary supplies;

    3.   Will handle all publicity and visibility of the association and its functions, as the liaison to the Publicity Chair people.


    D.   Recording Secretary

    1.   Will keep minutes of all General and Executive Board meetings;

    2.   Will provide, upon request from the Co-Presidents, a copy of all minutes within two weeks following each meeting;

    3.   Will keep attendance records of all executive board members and general membership;

    4.   Will file for all raffle licenses and food licenses with the town hall as needed and will follow-up with all additional reports;

    5.   Will work together as a team with the treasurer to file all necessary paperwork and payment in accordance to the State of NJ and IRS.


    Article X:          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:


    A.   Shall consist of the officers of the organization, namely the

    Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary.

     B.    Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Co-Presidents.


    Article XI:        COMMITTEES:


                            A.     Book Fairs

                                        1.   One chairperson for each school

                                        2.   Will arrange for a volunteer schedule

                                        3.   Will handle all special orders and distribute

                                        4.   Will tally daily receipts

                                        5.   Will arrange for set up and pack up of books


                            B.     Bulletin Boards

                                        l.   Responsible for boards in all schools

                                        2.   Will be updated on a regular basis


                            C.     Candidates Night

                                        1.   Will contact the Board of Education for candidate’s names 

                                        2.   Will contact the candidates

                                        3.   Will contact The League of Women Voters for a moderator if needed.

                                        4.   Will set up candidate Night


                            D.  Fall Fundraiser

                                        1.   Will meet with companies and Co-Presidents

                                        2.   Will be liaison to company throughout fundraiser

                                        3.   Will be responsible for all publicity

                                        4.   Will be responsible for collection of all monies and tally sheets

                                        5.   Will be responsible for volunteer schedule

                                        6.   Will arrange for delivery and distribution


                            E.  Membership

                                        1.   Will coordinate volunteers for open house

                                        2.   Will be responsible to send out follow up notices


                            F.  Paul Landry Scholarship

                                        1.   Will be in contact with the Board of Education to receive and review all applications

                                        2.   Amount and number of scholarships will be determined at a monthly general  meeting


                            G.  School Store

                                        1.   Will coordinate dates with principal

                                        2.   Will purchase and price all items

                                        3.   Will be responsible for storage of items

                                        4.   Will be responsible to give treasurer all monies


                            H.  School Sign

                                        1.   Will be responsible for keeping message current

                                        2.   Will be responsible for the box of letters and keys


                            I.  Winter Wonderland

                                        1.   Due to the number of subcommittees, the co-presidents will be responsible for coordinating this event


                            J. Eighth Grade Trip Committee

                                        1.   Will be in contact with the Board of Education and parent/staff representatives of the current 8th grade to receive and review all

    information pertaining to the 8th grade field trip

                                        2.   The amount of the grant will be three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) unless the by-laws are revised or the funds are not available.  The

    funds will be payable to the class after the November general membership meeting





     ARTICLE XII:         FINANCE:


                                  A.   Annual dues of the association shall be as follows:

                                        l.   Ten Dollars ($10.00) per year for members to be paid annually in September and no later than the first Saturday in December.  If paid after the first Saturday in December, the fee shall be twenty dollars ($20.00).


    B.   All members shall receive, upon payment of dues, an

                                        association membership card.


                                  C.   Only members shall be entitled to make motions and/or vote on

                                         any decisions in any association elections.





                                  A.   All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.


                                  B.  Regular meeting procedure shall be conducted according to “Sturgis…but may be altered at the discretion of the presiding officer.


    H.    General order of business shall be conducted a follows:

    1.      Call to order by Co-Presidents or presiding officer

    2.      Reading of the minutes by the Recording Secretary

    3.      Communications read by the Corresponding Secretary

    4.      Treasurer’s Report

    5.      Old Business

    6.      New Business

    7.      Announcements

    8.      Adjournment




                                        A.     Amendments (additions to existing By-Laws)

                                                    l.   May be proposed at any General or Executive Board Meeting and will be thus recorded in the Minutes.

                                                    2.   An Amendment may become law by a majority vote at the next monthly General Meeting.


                                        B.  Revisions (changes to existing By-Laws)

                                                    l.   By-Laws will be reviewed yearly prior to the September meeting, and/or whenever deemed necessary by the membership.

                                                    2.  The By-Law Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and other members appointed by the Co-Presidents.

                                                    3.   Proposed By-Law Revisions must be submitted in writing at a general meeting.

                                                    4.   Revisions to the By-Laws shall become law by a majority vote at the next monthly General Meeting.





    A.  Upon dissolution of the organization, the board shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all the liabilities of the organization, dispose of the remaining assets of the organization exclusively for one or more exempt purposes, within the meaning of Section 501 (c)) (3) of The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future Federal tax code), or shall distribute the same to the Federal Government, or to a state of local government, for a public purpose.  Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by order of Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey in the judicial district where the