Shop with Scrip Fundraiser


    Announcing our “Shop with Scrip” Gift Card Fundraiser


    The Rockaway Borough Home and School Association is running the “Shop with Scrip” Gift Card Fundraiser again this year.  When you fundraise with “Shop with Scrip”, you pay no extra money, and you don’t sell unwanted items to family and friends.  You simply decide to use gift cards to shop and/or order gift cards you would normally purchase as gifts.  For example, if you normally buy four $25 Panera gift cards and two $25 Starbucks gift cards as holiday gifts and decide you will use a Shoprite gift card to shop this week, then you order those gift cards through our fundraiser and pay the face value of those gift cards.


    You fill out your order form as follows:


    Name of retailer

    gift card $ amount

    quantity ordered

    $ amount due













                                                                                                    Total due: $250


    Submit a $250 check made payable to RBHSA with your order form.   In the example above, when we order your gift cards, the Rockaway Borough Home and School Association will receive a rebate of $15.50 for your purchase!  (8% of $100 for Panera + 7% of $50 for Starbucks + 4% of $100 for Shoprite)


    To participate, fill out the attached order form and submit payment for gift cards with the order.  A list of participating retailers is attached with gift card value options.  Orders should be returned to school in an envelope by Tuesday, December 4th.  Please write RBHSA on envelope.  Payment must be included with the order. 


    As a second option, gift cards may be ordered online.  When placing online orders, you pay directly from your bank account using PrestoPay.  If you’re interested in placing an online order, please email Robin Adamchuk at for online enrollment information.   You will register as a family at  and will have additional opportunities to purchase scrips during the school year.


    Gift cards will be available the week of December 10th.  Please be sure to include an email address and phone number on your order form, as you will receive an email when gift cards are available for pickup. 


    Please remember, every dollar we raise benefits Lincoln Elementary School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School students!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Robin Adamchuk at



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