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Friday, October 12



I apologize for the confusion regarding today's games.  


Last week, we were originally going to have the girls stay home and the boys travel to Pequannock.  Unfortunately, Pequannock was unable to secure a bus however they were able to host both the boys and the girls because they have two fields.  When I attempted to get a large bus to accommodate two teams to travel, I was unable.  So I wanted to send the girls to Pequannock since they had more rain outs than the boys.  I did not want to lose the match up.  In the meantime, I was able to pick up a home game for the boys since it was an open date. 


The problem lies with my lack of communication to you earlier in the week to alert you of the changes and I sincerely apologize for that. 


Please know that my interests always lie in offering our student-athletes the most competitive schedules each season.  I also believe in trying my best to have a full schedule and attempting to make-up cancelled games.  


I understand that this sudden change may conflict with the Talent Show performance and the plans that you may have already made based on the information you had. I hope that we can work to minimize conflicts.  If there is a problem with attending the games, please reach out to the coaches.


Girls Soccer - Aileen Schumacher:


Boys Soccer - Michael Onischuk:


As a reminder, athletes do not need to ride the bus home from an away contest as long as parents notify the coach and sign the atheltes out with the coach at the conclusion of the game. 




Michael Onischuk

Athletic Coordinator