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Updated Policy Re: Not Taking the Bus After Away Games

April 27, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians of Student-Athletes,


Effective IMMEDIATELY, we are updating the Athletics Department Policy for ALL athletes that are unable to ride the bus home from AWAY competition and instead are being picked up by an authorized adult.


If an athlete is UNABLE to ride the bus back to TJ, the following steps must be followed:


1. ADVANCE notice of this request must be made to Mr. Onischuk.  The request must be made the day of and PRIOR to game time in ONE of the following formats:


  • Remind Message to Mr. Onischuk.
  • Email to
  • Hard copy note to Mr. Onischuk.


2. The approved adult MUST SIGN THE ATHLETE OUT before they can leave the away venue.  Each coach will have a SIGN-OUT SHEET. (NEW!)


Please note that this is not in response to any specific incident.  This is just meant to strengthen and enhance our policies to ensure the safety/security of all of our student-athletes.   It should also be noted that it is suggested that athletes take the provided bus back to school whenever possible.  We extend this exception for you in the case of a scheduling conflict or other emergency. 


Any questions can be directed to Mr. Onischuk at


Thank you,


Mike Onischuk

Athletics Coordinator