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Info for Soccer Games at Mt. Lakes Midvale Park

Parking is extremely limited at Midvale Field.  We want to limit parking in the lot to the referees, handicapped, those who have a very difficult time walking, and coaches with equipment.  We are asking that none of our parents or fans park at the field.  Please, if you are close enough, walk to the field.  If not, please maximize carpooling and share rides to limit the number of cars, park only on side streets and walk to the field.  The police have told us absolutely no parking on Midvale Road or you will be ticketed or towed.  The police prefer people park in the parking area by Romaine Rd. or in the parking area on the far side of the train tracks across from the station restaurant (near the Esplanade and Post Office Area) and walk down to the field; or park on the side streets within the “village” on or around Crescent Drive (be mindful of your neighbors and not parking on lawns, etc..).