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8th Grade Fundraiser- Washington, D.C.



8th Graders need your help taking our SaveAround Coupon Book fundraiser to the next level!

Dear Parents and Friends,

We just kicked off our fundraiser with SaveAround this year and we’re so excited to work towards helping our 8th graders go on their Washington, DC trip in the spring!


This year we’ll be selling coupon books that can be ordered through a student or online through our own unique fundraising link:

We need YOUR help to make this year’s fundraiser our biggest and best yet!
You can help in 2 simple ways:
1. Purchasing 1 or more books (in person or online)
2. Forwarding our unique fundraising link to your friends, family and colleagues or sharing our link through social media (you can post this on Facebook, Twitter, or email it!)

If this link is shared with thousands of people, imagine the amount of money we’ll be able to raise for our 8th Graders!

FOR CONTACTLESS DELIVERY, you do have the option to have SaveAround ship your order directly to you if you order through our online link!

Did you know that SaveAround has editions all over the country and can help you or someone you know save thousands of dollars?

Each book also comes with a unique code to download the SaveAround app, which means EXTRA savings! This means even if you purchase a book for your home city, and travel elsewhere throughout the state or country, you can use your app for bonus savings!

       *Thomas Jefferson Middle School students received 1 actual coupon book to sell or return.
       *Lincoln School students can use the online codes.
       *There will be coupon books to purchase at The Winter Wonderland at Thomas Jefferson School, 12/3/22 from 9 am to 1 pm.

The 8th graders thank you for all of your support!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jen Prestia at

** Please remember all orders/unsold books need to be returned to the TJ office by November 18.**