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Mr. William Stepka, Business Admin./Bd. Sec'y:

The Business Administrator/Board Secretary is appointed by the Board and serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the district, which is a legal business public entity.  Mr. Stepka supervises, manages, and coordinates all business affairs of the district and ensures that the district complies with all aspects of the handling of public funds to efficiently and equitably support the mission of the district:  to educate the children of Rockaway Borough.  Mr. Stepka is directly responsible for the purchase of all goods and services, enters into contracts on behalf of the Board, and ensures the district maintains its financial health.  He is also a resource for the Board and Superintendent concerning all fiscal, budgeting, accounting, collective bargaining, negotiations, and procurement functions.  He supervises the proper payment of employees and vendors, as well as oversees the cafeteria, transportation, and building & grounds department for the district.  He is also Secretary of the Board of Education and handles Board correspondence and meeting-related duties. 

Mr. Stepka received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in Educational Administration & Leadership with a concentration in Public School Business & Finance.