School Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling is available for students who can benefit from extra assistance outside of the classroom. The purpose of this school-based counseling is to help students with concerns that may be interfering with their learning in school. School counseling is designed to be developmental and preventative in nature. It is conducted on a short-term basis. If long-term counseling is necessary an outside referral will be suggested. Please contact Ms. Barbone if you would like more information or to make a referral. 

    Small Group Counseling

    Small groups are typically made up of 6-10 students and focus on a specific topic or skill.  Small groups allow students to learn together in a caring, supportive setting which provides each student the opportunity to express him/herself.  Group counseling is available to all students and may be requested by students, parents, or teachers.  These small groups will typically meet once a month.

    Below you will find various group topics that will be offered throughout the 2017/2018 school year both at Lincoln Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Middle School:

    - Acceptance

    - Support Systems 

    - Drug and Alcohol Prevention 

    - Stress

    - Mindfulness

    - Kindness

    - Career exploration

    - Friendship/ Self-esteem

     - High School Preparation (8TH GRADE ONLY)