Directions for Inclement Weather

  • Directions for Inclement Weather

    On days when the weather is too wet or too cold to remain outside, the following arrangements will be available: 

    -    When students are outside on the blacktop in the morning and afternoon, Pre-school students are outside as well.

    -      Starting at 8:00 am, aides will be available to supervise all students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Kindergarten and 1st grade will report to the cafeteria while 2nd and 3rd grade will report to the gym.  

    -      At 8:00 am, the doors on Keller Avenue will be open for Preschool students and their parents or accompanying adults to wait in the front foyer.

    -      At 12:10 pm, an aide will be available at the back door closest to George Street to accept afternoon pre-school students.